Tony Bajada Memorial International Football Tournament

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Rules and Regulations


1. Nurseries registered with The Youth FA, nurseries registered with the Gozo Football Association and Foreign Football Schools / Academies / Nurseries are eligible to participate in the Tony Bajada Memorial.

2. The participating age categories are as follows: Under 6, Under 8, Under 10, Under 12 and Under 14.

3. Before the start of the Tournament, each participating team taking part in the Under 14 and Under 12 category events has to present three copies of Registration Forms (at least one must be original). Twenty minutes prior to each game, the line-ups must be filled in in triplicate by each team and presented to the Organising Committee. Officials of teams participating in the Under 6 and Under 10 events have to present one Registration Form before commencing their first game.

4. The Youth FA card (for local teams) and the passport (for foreign teams) of each player must be made available to the event organisers, if requested.

5. Each participating player has to play the entire Tournament with the same number as listed on the Registration Form (except in the Under 14 category).

6. In the Under 6 and Under 8 categories every team may register up to ten (10) players, the Under 10 category and the Under 12 category up to fourteen (14) players, and the Under 14 category up to twenty two (22) players but eighteen (18) players are to be included on the line-up in each game.

7. Under 6 games are played on a four (4) v four (4) basis, Under 8 games are played on a five (5) v five (5) basis, Under 10 and Under 12 games are played on an eight (8) v eight (8) basis, while games of Under 14 category are played on an eleven (11) v eleven (11) basis. Each team may make use of all substitutes. A player who has been substituted cannot enter the pitch again in the same game for the Under 14 only.

8. Duration of matches:

Under 6 Category: fifteen (15) minutes each half, with ten (10) minutes rest. Under 8 Category: twenty (20) minutes each half, with ten (10) minutes rest. Under 10 Category and Under 12 Category: twenty five (25) minutes each half, with ten (10) minutes rest. Under 14 Categories: thirty (30) minutes each way, with ten (10) minutes rest.

9. In the Under 6, Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12 Categories, the offside rule will not be observed and yellow and red cards will not apply. Start/restart of play and free-kicks should always be played with a short pass with opponents 8m away from the ball. The goalkeeper cannot handle the ball from a back-pass by a team-mate. No penalties will be given - if a foul is committed less than 8m from the goal-line, then a free-kick is taken 8m away from the goal-line. In the Under 6 Category, kick-in will be applied instead of throw-in and play will be in the form of Fun Games without goalkeeper and with smaller goal posts. In the Under 14 category the normal rules and regulations of the game will be applied.

10. In the  Under 14 Category, if a player is shown two yellow cards throughout the tournament or shown a red card in a match, he will be automatically suspended in the following game. Other actions may be taken by the Disciplinary Board.

11. Each team participating in the Under 6 and Under 8 Categories should present a ball size three (3), while teams in the Under 10 and Under 12 Category teams should present a size four (4) ball. The Under 14 Category should present a ball size five (5) for their games.

12. Only registered players, coaches and two officials are eligible to enter the pitch during the games with their respective teams. Coaches and officials should stay in the area allocated to their team.

13. Football shoes with metal studs are not allowed. The use of shin guards is mandatory - they will be inspected by the match officials.

14. The Under 6, Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12 Categories play in a round robin league format. In accordance with the Youth FA rules, no winners will be declared in these categories.

15. In the Under 14 Category, the teams will be divided into two groups and will play in a league format of one round. The team classified first in Group A will play against the team classified second in Group Band the team classified first in Group B will play with the team classified second in Group A. The winners of the Semi-Finals will contest the Final. The losing teams of the semi-finals will play for third and fourth place. Teams classified third, fourth and fifth in Group A play against the teams classified third, fourth and fifth in Group B respectively.

16. In the event of teams ending up with the same number of points in the group stage of the Under 14 category, first the direct encounter will be considered, then overall goal difference and then the overall number of goals scored. In the event of remaining the same, five (5) penalties will be given between the two teams.

17. If a Nursery or team fails to honour a fixture, this will be reported to The Youth FA.

18. In case any argument that may arise is not covered by these rules and regulations, the rules and regulations of The Youth FA will be applied.

19. The Organising Committee's decisions are final and cannot be appealed.