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12th April 2023 - Hamrun Spartans FC win Under 14 Category

The 20th Edition of the Tony Bajada Memorial came to an end earlier this afternoon with the Under 14 Category Final.
Hamrun Spartans won the Tournament for the fifth time when they managed to overcome San Gwann 3-1. Hamrun won the first semi final of the day against Birkirkara to reach the final while San Gwann won against Pieta H. in the second semi final after a penalty shootout. Pieta won against Birkirkara to place third.
Apart from the Under 14s, four other categories were organised, 2017, 2015, 2013 and 2011. Hamrun Spartans, Pieta H., Hibernians, Balzan Y., AFT Napoli, Xghajra T. and Oratory Y. took part in these Categories.
This year’s Edition was again organised by the Hamrun Local Council with the collaboration of Hamrun Spartans FC Elite Academy. The Tournament was sponsored Marlene with their new apple GIGA.

11th April 2023 - Under 14 First Stage

The Under 14s first stage came to an end this morning. Hamrun Spartans topped the group with two points ahead of Pieta H. San Gwann placed third while Birkirkara fourth. 

Tomorrow at 9:00am Hamrun will face Birkirkara in the first semi final while Pieta H. face San Gwann in the second semi final.

The winners of the semi finals will face each other in the Tony Bajada Memorial final at 1.30pm. The losers of the semi finals will play for the third and fouth place.

6th April 2023 - 08:30 - Under 14 kicks off

This popular Easter event, Tony Bajada Memorial kicked off this morning with first day hosting teams from the Under 14 Category. Hamrun Spartans, Pieta H., San Gwann and Birkirkara are competing for the prestigious Tony Bajada Challenge Cup. The Tournament, in its 19th Edition, is sponsored by Marlene and organised by the Hamrun Local Council with the collaboration of Hamrun Spartans Elite Academy. Four more categories, born 2017, 2015, 2013 and 2011 will be participating during this Saturday and Monday.

This morning three games were played. San Gwann won their first game 3-0 when playing against Birkirkara. Birkirkara managed to draw level with Pieta H. in the second game in a goalless draw. The third game saw hosts Hamrun Spartans edge a win of 1-0 over San Gwann. The Under 14 Category will continue Tuesday 11th April with another three matches.

During the matches this morning representatives from Marlene distributed the popular Giga apple by Marlene both on the pitch for players and coaches and on the stands to the parents present.

The Event will continue on Saturday morning 8th April with the categories born 2017 and 2013. In the afternoon a fun festival is being organised by the Marlene sponsors for children and their parents.

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6th April 2023 - 08:30

13th April - 08:30 - 2010 Festival kicks off

After an absence of two years Tony Bajada Memorial 2022 kicks off with the Category born 2010 A. Soon the Category born 2014 A will start their Festival.

10th April: 2022 Edition

14:40 - Latest Results - Wednesday 24th April 2019

Hamrun Spartans claimed their 4th title in the Tony Bajada Memorial Tournament under 14 when they beat Pieta H. 3-0 goals coming from a brace by Ensell Attard and Zak Barbara. After the game Whitney Bajada on behalf of the Bajada family and Hamrun Mayor Christian Sammut presented the winners with the Tony Bajada Memorial Challenge Cup.

11:43 - Latest Results - Wednesday 24th April 2019

Semi Final 2 - Hamrun Spartans vs Paola Hibs 5-0

Semi Final 1 - Pieta H. vs Qormi 2-0

10:00 - Latest Results - Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Paola Hibs vs St. Andrews 3-0

Qormi vs Pieta H. 1-3

St. Andrews vs Hamrun Spartans 1-3

Paola Hibs vs Qormi 2-1

Hamrun Spartans vs Pieta H. 0-3

13:45 - Under 14 First Matches - Monday 22nd April 2019

The first five matches from the Under 14 Category were played this morning at the Victor Tedesco Stadium in Hamrun. After these matches and all teams played two games, Pieta H. lead the table with 6 points, Hamrun Spartans 4, Qormi 3, Paola Hibs 1 and St. Andrews 0. 

The Tournament continues tomorrow with the next five and final games of the group stage as follows:

08:30 - Hamrun Spartans vs Pieta H.

09:45 - Paola Hibs vs Qormi

11:00 - St. Andrews vs Hamrun Spartans

12:15 - Qormi vs Pieta H.

13:30 - Paola Hibs vs St. Andrews 

13:45 - Latest Results - Monday 22nd April 2019

St. Andrews vs Qormi 1-3

Paola H. vs Pieta H. 0-3

Qormi vs Hamrun Spartans 0-7

Pieta H. vs St. Andrews 2-0

Hamrun Spartans vs Paola Hibs 1-1

2019 Tony Bajada Memorial

The 2019 Edition of Tony Bajada Memorial Football Festivals and Tournament kicked off on Wednesday 17th April with the first Festival dedicated to 2009 Category. During the afternoon the 2007 Category started with the first five matches. The other five matches where played on Thursday afternoon. During Thursday morning the 2011 Category Festival was played. On Saturday 20th April the 2013 Festival was held on the newly laid 5 aside synthetic pitch.

The Event will resume on Monday 22nd April with the Under 14 Tournament which will be held over three days. Live updates for the under 14 Tournament will be on this website and Nursery Facebook page.

The Participants for this year’s Edition are 24 teams coming from 10 Nurseries: Hamrun Spartans, Pieta H., Birkirkara, Fgura Utd., Kirkop Utd., St. Andrews, Paola Hibs, Sirens, Sliema and Valletta.


After the week long Tournament at Victor Tedesco Stadium, the Tournament will focus on an important event dedicated to Frame Football Malta children with an inclusion Event at Cottonera Sprts Complex. The Event is on Sunday 15th April 2018. Different Abilities Football Festival is part of the Erasmus Project and Tony Bajada Memorial Nurseries from Hamrun, Santa Venera and Mgarr together with FFM will participate in inclusion Festival. The Festival starts at 11:30am. Special thanks to Sport Malta for their support to this Event.

Pieta Hotspurs Claim 7th Under 14 TBM Title!

Pieta Hotspurs won the Under 14 title for the seventh time. Pieta won today's final against Hamrun Spartans 3-0. Soon after the final they were presented with the Tony Bajada Memorial Challenge Cup by Mrs Bajada who together with her daughter Davinia were present for the presentation ceremony. Hamrun Mayor Christian Sammut also found time to visit the tournament. Mr Alex Pace represented the YFA.

2018 Tony Bajada Memorial - Final Day

3:30pm - Final between Pieta H. vs Hamrun Spartans kicks off

2:00pm: HT - St. Andrews vs Athlone 0-1

1:30pm: 3rd & 4th Place - St. Andrews vs Athlone kicks off.

11:45am - Semi Final 2: FT - Athlone ADSL vs Hamrun Spartans 0-1.

11:05am - Semi Final 2: HT - Athlone ADSL vs Hamrun Spartans 0-0.

10:35am: Second semi final kicks off between Athlone ADSL vs Hamrun Spartans.

9:35: HT - Pieta H. vs St. Andrews 0-0.

10:10am - Pieta H. will contest the Tony Bajada Memorial final after winning 3-0 against St. Andrews. The Final will start at 3:30pm.

The first semi final started at 9:00am with Pieta H. against St. Andrews. the other semi final is between Athlone against Hamrun Spartans.

2018 Tony Bajada Memorial International Matches

This year's edition of the Tony Bajada Memorial included a mixture of international friendly matches, tournaments and festivals. The first games were held on 25 March and involved the Under 13 and Under 15 teams of Hamrun and Leeds-based Campsmount Academy. In the first friendly match, the Under 13 team beat the UK team by the score of 5-1. The second match, saw Campsmount obtain revenge as the foreign team beat Hamrun 5-2.

2018 Tony Bajada Memorial - Day 5

Group stage of the Tournament comes to an end with a dramatic Hamrun win over St. Andrews. Tomorrrow's semi finals will be as follows:

9:00am: Pieta H. vs St.Andrews

10:30am: Athlone vs Hamrun Spartans

Six games scheduled for today's programme from the Under 14 Category. Mtarfa and Paola Hibs Kicks off the day.

8:40am: Mtarfa vs Paola Hibs kicks off.

9:12am: HT - Mtarfa vs Paola Hibs 0-3.

9:50am: FT - Mtarfa vs Paola Hibs 0-7.

9:55am: St. Andrews vs Pieta H. kicks off.

9:25am: HT - St. Andrews vs Pieta H. 0-1.

11:05am: FT - St. Andrews vs Pieta H. 0-2.

11:15am: Athlone ADSL vs Hamrun Spartans kicks off.

11:45am: HT - Athlone ADSL vs Hamrun Spartans 1-0.

12:20pm: FT - Athlone ADSL vs Hamrun Spartans 2-1.

1:45pm: FT - Paola Hibs vs Pieta H. 1-1.

3:00pm: FT - Athlone ADSL vs Mtarfa 4-0.

4:20pm: FT - Hamrun Spartans vs St. Andrews 4-2.

Athlone ADSL had a special guest at the tournament as Irish Ambassador Padraig MacCoscar paid a visit to the Irish team. Nursery Chairman and Secretary presented Mr MacCoscar with the clubs banner. Mr. MacCoscar watched the match between Hamrun Spartans and Athlone.

2018 Tony Bajada Memorial - Day 4

8:30am: Paola Hibs vs Hamrun Spartans Kicks off. Five games scheduled for the day.
9:00am: HT - Paola Hibs vs Hamrun Spartans 1-0.
9:43am: FT - Paola Hibs vs Hamrun Spartans 2-2.
9:50am: St. Andrews vs Athlone ADSL kicks off.
11:10am: St. Andrews vs Athlone ADSL 2-2.
11:15am: Hamrun Spartans vs Mtarfa kicks off.
11:45am: HT: Hamrun Spartans vs Mtarfa 3-0
12:20pm: Hamrun Spartans vs Mtarfa 11-0.
12:27pm: Paola Hibs vs St. Andrews kicks off.
1:00pm: HT: Paola Hibs vs St. Andrews 0-4.
1:35pm: FT: Paola Hibs vs St. Andrews 0-5.
2:23pm HT: Pieta H. vs Athlone ADSL 1-0.
2:55pm: FT: Pieta H. vs Athlone ADSL 4-1.

2018 Tony Bajada Memorial - Day 3

Day 3 of the Tournament was reserved to two festivals for the Categories 2012 and 2006. The 2012 came to an end with the children playing on two day Festival giving them ample space to play and enjoy the Festival

For the one day Festival of the 2006 Category Teams from Hamrun, Pieta, Paola and Xewkija participated. Hamrun and Pieta were superior over their opponents and in their last game of the Festival between them was a delight to watch these young boys from both teams who played some good football. At the end of the Festival Hamrun Nursery Chairman and Secretary presented the boys with a Participation token to all four teams. Well-done Boys.

The Tournament focus is now on the Under 14 Challenge Cup which will resume on Monday with 5 matches. Four matches played so far with Pieta winning both matches against Hamrun and Mtarfa, St. Andrews winning against Mtarfa and four time visitors from Ireland Athlone ADSL winning their game against Paola Hibs.

2018 Tony Bajada Memorial - Day 1 & 2

This year's edition kicked off on Wednesday 28th March with the 2010 Category. In the afternoon the 2008 Category played their Festival. On Thursday morning the 2010 concluded their Festival playing their second day of Festival. The 2012 Category started their first day of Festival. In the afternoon the Under 14s started their Tournament with four matches.

2017 Tony Bajada Memorial International Tournament 

The Tony Bajada Memorial International Tournament was held at the Victor Tedesco Stadium between 12 and 19 April 2017. A number of local nursery teams and Honey Soccer City (from Italy) took part in the tournament. Teams were invited to participate in the Under 14, Under 12, Under 10, Under 8 and Under 6 categories. 

Honey Soccer City participated in the Under 14 category. This tournament was played in two groups of three teams each between 17 and 19 April 2017. The first two teams passed to the Knock-Out stage (semi-finals and finals). Honey Soccer City placed third in their group, which also comprised San Gwann and St Andrews.

The eventual winners of the Under 14 Tony Bajada Challenge Cup were Pieta' Hotspurs.

2016 Tony Bajada Memorial

Paola Hibs win Under 14 Tony Bajada Memorial Challenge Cup

Hibs being presented the Tony Bajada Challenge Cup

(photo are courtesy of

All those present during the final of the Under 14 Tony Bajada Memorial Challenge Cup could indeed admire the beauty of the game where the favourites do not always end up winners. After beating all teams taking part in the tournament, including the same Paola Hibs (6-0), Pieta lost 2-1 to a transformed Hibs side in the final. This was the fifteenth edition of the Tony Bajada Memorial, as always organised by the Hamrun Nursery and Hamrun Local Council and held at the Victor Tedesco Stadium.

Overall, throughout the different age categories, 35 teams from 11 different football nurseries participated in this year's edition. It is estimated that more than 300 boys and girls took part in the Memorial, which is considered as a major youth football event for the best nurseries on the island.

As already explained, Pieta' dominated the Under 14 tournament beating all participants without conceding a single goal and were clear favourites to lift the cup. In the final, Paola Hibs unexpectedly went 2-0 up by the start of the second half. Pieta managed to pull one back midway through the second half. However, the boys from Paola played the perfect tactical match to clinch the much coveted trophy. The trophy was presented to the Paola Hibs captain by Hamrun Mayor Mr Chris Sammut, in the presence of Mr Alex Pace, a representative from the Youth FA.

Before the final, an exhibition match was played between two Under 18 teams from the UK - Educoach College (Southend) and Redhouse Farm Seville (Newcastle). Educoach won a tight match on penalties.

The Tony Bajada Memorial was sponsored by Liquigas Malta and Farsons plc.  

The two UK teams - Educoach College and Redhouse Farm Seville

Tony Bajada Memorial - Day by Day, Hour by Hour

30.03.2016 18:00 Paola Hibs Winners of Tony Bajada Memorial Challenge Cup 2016 beating Pieta H. 2-1.

30.03.2016 - 16:00 - 3rd & 4th Place: Valletta vs Hamrun Sp. 2-3, Full Time.

30.03.2016 - 15:00 - FT: Educoach College v RedhouseFarm 2-2. Educoach College won on penalties.

30.03.2016 - 13:55 - HT: Educoach College vs Redhousefarm 1-2

30.03.2016 - 11:00 - HT: Paola H. vs Hamrun Sp. 2-0

30.03.2016 - 10:15 - FT: Pieta H. vs Valletta 3-0

30.03.2016 - 9:30 - HT: Pieta H. vs Valletta 2-0

30.03.2016 - 9:00 - Final day of the Tony Bajada Memorial 2016. In 25 minutes the first semi-final between Pieta H. and Valletta will kick off. The second semi-final between Paola H. and Hamrun Spartans is scheduled at 10:30. The final will be played at 16:00. Prior to the final match (at 13:00), the two Under 18 teams from the UK - Educoach College and Redhouse Farm Seville will be vying for the Under 18 International Cup.

29.03.2016 - 16:35 -  Pieta H.will face Valletta in the first semi-final tomorrow at 9:00 as they finished first and fourth respectively. Soon after Paola H. will face Hamrun Spartans in second semi-final scheduled at 10:30 after placing second and third respectively. The winner of the semis will contest the Tony Bajada Memorial Challenge Cup at 16:15. The teams on the losing end of the semis will play for the third and fourth place at 15:00.

29.03.2016 - 16:00: FT: Valletta vs Xewkija 10-0

29.03.2016 - 15:00 - FT Paola H. vs Hamrun Sp. 1-1

29.03.2016 - 12:45 - FT: Paola H. vs Valletta 2-1

29.03.2016 - 10:15 - FT: Pieta H. vs Hamrun Sp. 4-0

29.03.2016 - 9:30 - HT: Pieta H. vs Hamrun Sp. 3-0

29.03.2016 9:00 -Six matches program today from the Under 14s. Hamrun vs Pieta kicked off at 9:00am.

28.o3.2016 - 16:30 - Paola H. vs Pembroke 6-0

28.03.2016 - 15:00 - Pieta H. vs Xewkija T. 9-0

28.03.2016 - 14:00 - Hamrun win third game 4-1 over Valletta.

28.03.2016 - 12:45 - Paola H. vs Xewkija T. 13-0

28.03.2016 - 12:00pm - Pieta win 4-0 against Valletta.

28.03.2016 - 10:15am - Hamrun Spartans won 4-0 against Pembroke in the first match of the day. Pieta vs Valletta just kicked off.

28.03.2016 - 9:00am:Pembroke vs Hamrun kicks off. Half time score, Hamrun winning 1-0.

27.03.2016 - Tony Bajada Memorial Update:

After the fourth day all festivals within the Tournament came to an end with an exciting Under 12 match between Hamrun and Pieta. During these four days Nurseries from Hamrun, Pieta, Paola Hibs, Marsaxlokk, St. Andrews, Birkirkara, Floriana, Xewkija Tigers, Mosta, Pembroke and Valletta took part in four age groups, 2010, 2008, 2006 and 2004. The event is being well attended by parents.

In the evening yesterday the Under 14 kicked off with three games. In the first game Valletta won against Pembroke 3-0. In the second game Hamrun Spartans won against Xewkija T. 4-1. The third game saw Pieta H. winning easily Paola H. 6-0.

The Tournament will resume tomorrow at 9:00am with Under 14 match Pembroke against Hamrun Spartans.

18.03.2016 - The fixtures of all the categories of the Tony Bajada Memorial are out. You can click here to see the fixtures. 

04.03.2016 - The Under 17 team of Educoach College (UK) have also confirmed their participation in the Tony Bajada Memorial. A triangular tournament will now be played on 30 March 2016 between Hamrun Spartans, Redhousefarm Seville and Educoach College. This is the Edicoach College website: . You can view the Educoach College team photo here.

12.01.2016 - The Under 17 team of Redhousefarm Seville from Newcastle (UK) will be participating in the 2016 edition of the Tony Bajada Memorial by playing in a triangular tournament. This tournament will be played right before the final of the Under 14 Tony Bajada Challenge Cup final which will be played on Wednesday 30 March 2016. A team photo of the Redhousefarm Under 17 team may be seen here.