Tony Bajada Memorial International Football Tournament

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After missing the last two years due to the COVID pandemic restrictions Our Academy will once again be organising Tony Bajada Memorial during the Easter Holidays. The Tournament will be organised for Categories born 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014. The Event will be held at the Victor Tedesco Stadium in Hamrun. The categories for this year’s edition are as follows:

Boys and Girls born after 1 January 2014 A 

• Boys and Girls born after 1 January 2014 B 

• played on 5 vs 5 basis (4+1)

• each team can register up to 10 players

• participation fee: FREE

• Boys and Girls born after 1 January 2012 A 

• Boys and Girls born after 1 January 2012 B

• played on 5 vs 5 basis (6+1)

• each team can register up to 12 players

• participation fee: FREE

• Boys and Girls born after 1 January 2010 A 

• Boys and Girls born after 1 January 2010 B 

• played on 9 vs 9 basis (8+1)

• each team can register up to 14 players

• participation fee: FREE

• Boys and Girls born after 1 January 2008 – (Thursday 14th to Tuesday 19th April 2022)

• played on 11 vs 11 

• each team can register up to 20 players

(No Matches on Good Friday and Easter Sunday)

For this year's Edition there the participation fee is FREE for categories 2014, 2012 and 2010. Still Categories participating are urged to donate €3 per child which will later be donated to Puttinu Cares Malta.

Participation in Category 2008 (Under 14) there is no participation fee and matches will be controlled by official referees and their assistants.

Each participating player will be presented with a memento at the end of the festival and an overall Fair Play Award will be presented. This football festival will be organised with the permission of the Grassroots Department within the Inħobb il-Futbol Foundation.

Interested nurseries are to inform the Hamrun Academy by email to or by SMS on 79006586 or 79478302 by not later than Thursday 31st March 2022.

Tony Bajada Memorial 2015

Day 7 - 8 April 2015: Under 14 semi finals on last day....

10:30am: Pieta won this year edition of the Tony Bajada Memorial International Tournament winning 2-0 Against Valletta. Earlier Athlone Saints placed third after winning 4-1 against Hamrun. Athlone Scholars placed 5th after winning against Sliema W. Paola Hibs Placed 7th after winning against San Gwann. 
10:30am: Valletta will be contesting their first Final of this tournament after winning against Hamrun Spartans 2-1. Second semi final Pieta H. vs Athlone Saints kicks off.
8:00am: The semi finals are scheduled for this morning at 9:00am and 10:30am respectively.

Day 6 - 7 April 2015: 2005 & 2003 Category conclude their Festival, Under 14 last group stage matches....

12:00am: Valletta vs Hamrun Spartans and Pieta H. vs Athlone Saint will be the two semi finals for this year's edition. All matches played this evening gave those present a delight to watch with good level of football. 
5:15pm: Athlone Saints will be one of the semi-finalist tomorrow when they managed to win 2-0 against Paola Hibs. Paola Hibs will play for the 7th & 8th place tomorrow at noon.
5:15pm: The last Under 14 group stage matches kicked of with Paola Hibs and foreign side Athlone Saints. 
5:00pm: The 2005 and 2003 Category came to an end with the last matches in their festival. It was another success as all teams were prepared and the level of play was very good.

Day 5 - 6 April 2015: Only Under 14 in action today... 

11:00pm: Four Matches were played. The results were:
Sliema W. vs Athlone Saints 2-2
Valletta vs Paola Hibs 2-1
Pieta Hotspurs vs Athlone Scholars 2-1
San Gwann vs Hamrun Spartans 0-3

Day 4 - 4 April 2015: 2009, 2005 & 2003 Categories in action today...

11:00pm: The fourth day ended late with the 2003 Category. Four games from the 2005 Category were played and another two from the 2003 Category. Valletta won against Paola H. 2-1 in one of the best matches so far in this category while Mosta won 2-1 against St. Andrews. In the morning the 2009 Category Hamrun and Zebbug R. concluded the category. Play will now resume with the tomorrow Monday with four Under 14 matches starting at 5:00pm. HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!! 
9:00am: This Morning the 2009 Category will play the last matches. Hamrun and Zebbug will play round robin between them. Due to the UEFA Women U/21 International Tournament play will restart at 5:00pm with the 2005 Category, four matches in programm. Two 2003 Category matches will close the day.

Day 3 - 2 April 2015: 2009 & 2007 Categories back in action 

9:00pm: The results from the Under 14 were:
Athlone Saints vs Valletta 1-1
Paola H. vs Sliema W.  0-1
Athlone Scolars vs San Gwann 1-0
Hamrun Sp. vs Pieta H. 1-3 
9:00pm: The third day closed with with two matches from the 2003 Category and four matches from the Under 14 Competition.  
12:00pm:  The 2003 Category come to an end. Another success in the child's development during these games. The 2003 Category will start at 12:30pm with Paola Hibs facing Pieta H.
8:30pm:  The third day will conclude the 2007 Category with the last seven games. The 2009 Category will play the second day. There are two 2003 Category games soon after. The day will be concluded with four Under 14 matches.

Day 2 - 1 April 2015: 2009 & 2007 Categories come in action

6:30pm:  The second day came to an end with four 2003 matches. Valletta won 3-1 against Pieta H., St.Andrews won 3-2 against Hamrun Spartans, Paola H. won 2-0 against Mosta with Valletta winning their second match of the day 2-0 against St. Andrews. Tomorrow play will start at 8:30am with 2009 and 2007. Two matches from 2003 Category will follow and the third day come to an end with four Under14 Matches.
4:00pm: Athlone ADSL arrived yesterday in Malta. Today they had a friendly against St. Andrews at the Luxol Ground. 
12:30pm: The 2003 Category match between Valletta and Pieta H. kicks off.
11:00am: The second day of the Tournament kicked of this morning with the 2009 and 2007 Categories. 4 games from the 2007 Category are being played. As for the 2009 six matches will be played.

Day 1 - 31 March 2015: 2015 Tony Bajada Memorial kicks off today

1:00pm: St. Andrews had an easy game against Paola H. winning 6-1. The Tournament will continue tomorrow Wednesday at 8:30am with the 2009 and 2007 Category Festival. In the afternoon the 2003 Category will continue with their Festival with another 4 games.
11:30am: Pieta wins against Mosta 2-1. Pieta took a 2-0 lead with Mosta scoring one back at the end of the game. 
9:45am: The Under 12 Category event started today with the Hamrun-Valletta match. Hamrun went ahead with Valletta equalising in the last minute of play. Pieta H. vs Mosta kicked of soon after.

Tony Bajada Memorial 2014 - Hamrun Spartans win Tony Bajada Memorial Challenge Cup for Third Time

Following a thrilling final versus Paola Hibs, Hamrun Spartans won the Under 14 category tournament and thus re-claim the prestigious Tony Bajada Memorial Challenge Cup. This was the thirteenth edition of the Tony Bajada Memorial, as always held at the Victor Tedesco Stadium, and the third time the Hamrun Nursery won the Under 14 Challenge Cup.

In the final, Hamrun twice came back from behind to lead 3-2 up to a few minutes from the end. However, Paola Hibs levelled matters towards the end of the match to force a penalty shoot-out. Hamrun converted five out of six penalties whilst Paola Hibs converted four. Hamrun captain Sean Mizzi was presented with the trophy by Hamrun Mayor Mr Vince Bonello, to the joy of team-mates, parents and supporters. Youth FA representative Mr Joe Mallia attended the final.

US Triestina participated in this year's edition of the Under 14 category, however they did not make it through to the semi-final stage. Another Italian team - Junior Calcio Lavello - participated in the Under 10 category whereas Gozitan side Kercem participated in the Under 6 category.

Mgarr United won the Overall Fair Play Award whereas Paola Hibs won the Under 14 Top Scoring Team Award. No winners were declared in the other three categories (Under 12, Under 10 and Under 6) in accordance with Youth FA guidelines. Mementos and products from the tournament sponsors Gatorade were instead presented to all participants.

The Hamrun Nursery is taking advantage of its international contacts to give an opportunity to its young talents to play against foreign opposition. In fact, as part of the same commemorations in remembrance of its founder Tony Bajada, the Hamrun Under 17 side played against British side Burnham Ramblers and drew 1-1. Italian side ASD Helios will round up the Memorial by playing friendly matches against the Hamrun Under 14s in May.

23.4.2014 Fifth Day (The Finals) - 2

Hamrun Spartans won this year's edition of the International Tony Bajada Memorial under 14 Category. In a most thrilling and exciting final against Paola Hibs, the penalties had to decide the result! Normal time ended 3-3 with Hamrun converting 5 out of six, with Paola Hibs converting 4 penalties.

23.4.2014 Fifth Day (The Finals) - 1

Hamrun Spartans and Paola H. will be contesting this year's edition of the International Tony Bajada Memorial Under 14 Final. Paola Hibs won 2-0 against Pieta H. in the first semi-final. Hamrun won the second semi final 2-1 against Mosta. Final will kick off at 4:00pm. Before the final, at 2:30pm, Mosta and Pieta H. will play for the 3rd & 4th place.

22.4.2014 Fourth Day (End of Group Stage)

The Group Stage came to an end this afternoon with all teams playing their third game. The started with Pieta H. playing  against San Gwann. Pieta won 3-0. The second match Mosta played a solid game against foreign side US Triestina winning 1-0. Paola H. topped Group A when they beat Sliema W. 4-2 and securing a place in tomorrow's first semi final as Group A winners. Hamrun placed second in Group A when they won 1-0 against St. Andrews and will be playing in the second semi final tomorrow. The Surprise of the day came in the fifth match when San Gwann beat US Triestina 2-1 who deserved the win after showing the better football. The last match of the day saw Mosta and Pieta H. sharing the spoils in a 1-1 draw. with this result, Mosta won Group B while Pieta H. placed second to play in tomorrow's semi finals against Hamrun Spartans and Paola Hibs respectively. Other matches for tomorrow will be 7th & 8th place between Sliema W. and US Triestina, 5th & 6th place between St. Andrews and San Gwann. The losers of the semi finals will play for the 3rd & 4th place. The final for the Tony Bajada Memorial Under 14 Challenge Cup will be played tomorrow at 4:00pm.

19.04.2014 Third Day

Hamrun Under 6 Captain Scott Camilleri exchanges club banners with Kercem Ajax Captain.

This morning is reserved for the under 6 Category. Hamrun Spartans, Mgarr United and Gozo side Kercem Ajax will play fun games. This is the first time that a team from Gozo took part in Tony Bajada Memorial. In the afternoon four games from the Under 14 will be played. Unione Triestina will be playing their first game at 3pm.

In the afternoon, four matches of the Under 14 category tournament were played. In the first match, Mosta won against San Gwann 3-0 whereas in the second match, Triestina won 4-1 against Pieta'. St Andrews and Sliema drew their match 2-2. Another draw was registered between Hamrun and Hibs, which ended 0-0. 

17.04.2014 Second Day Events

The 2002 and 2004 category events came to an end on the second day events at the Tony Bajada Memorial. The Lavello Calcio team members, coaches and officials were greeted in the committee room following their final match and were presented with a memento and team photos. It was a pleasure having this team at this year's event. The 2008 festival was also played in the morning.

In the afternoon, the Under 14 (2000) category kicked off with two games: Hamrun - Sliema and Paola Hibs - St Andrews. Both matches ended 1-0 with wins for Hamrun and Paola Hibs. The Hamrun goal was scored through an Isaak Koroma header.

16.04.2014 Tony Bajada Memorial kicks off

The Tony Bajada Memorial kicked off this morning with the 2002 category and 2008 category festivals. In the afternoon, the first games of the 2004 category festival were played. The Hamrun officials welcomed Italian side Lavello officials, whose team is participating in the latter category.

Launch of 2014 Tony Bajada Memorial

Unione Triestina will once again participate in the popular Under 14 Easter tournament held at the Victor Tedesco Stadium in honour of the late Hamrun Nursery founder Tony Bajada. Another Italian side, Lavello Calcio, will also participate in the Under 10 category.

As part of the same commemorations, British side Burnham Ramblers will play a friendly match against the Hamrun Under 17 side whereas Italian side ASD Helios will round up the Memorial by playing friendly matches against the Hamrun Under 14s in May.

The nephew of Tony Bajada will be playing with Gozitan side Kercem, who will be participating in the Under 6 category.

In a press conference organised at the Hamrun Nursery premises, the fixtures for the Under 14 tournament were drawn by lot. Hamrun Nursery secretary Noel Debattista said that the top local nurseries will be participating in this annual event, now in its thirteenth edition. He augured the teams and the boys to take the most out of this experience, especially against the foreign teams. The slogan chosen for the tournament is ...JUST PLAY, HAVE FUN, ENJOY THE GAME...

Following the draws, Debattista thanked the Hamrun Local Council for organising the tournament and Farsons for sponsoring the event through their brand Gatorade.


Click here for pictures of the press conference 

2013 Events held in remembrance of Tony Bajada come to an end

The Under 12 teams - Licensed Victuallers and Hamrun Spartans

This was a very busy week for the nursery as the events held in remembrance of the nursery founder Tony Bajada have come to an end.

The Under 12, Under 13 and Under 14 teams were involved in friendly matches against UK teams from Ascot - Licensed Victuallers - on Wednesday, 10 April 2013. The Under 17s were involved in a friendly against Newcastle-based RedhouseFarm JFC on Friday, 12 April 2013.

Our teams all achieved good results even though it's not the results that count in these matches but enjoying the game and the experience of playing against foreign opposition.

Paola Hibs U/14s claim Tony Bajada Challenge Cup 

Paola Hibs - Under 14 Challenge Cup Winners

The Hamrun Nursery together with the Hamrun Local Council has once again organised the Tony Bajada Memorial during the Easter holidays. The twelfth edition proved to be another success for the nursery with a good number of teams and over 300 boys and girls participating in the event. The tournament which was held at the Victor Tedesco Stadium was sponsored by Cochlear, Colgate and Gatorade. Participation was open for the 2007, 2003, 2001 and 1999 categories. 

The 1999 category included the participation of two teams from Athlone ADSL of Ireland - Athlone Scholars and Athlone Saints. The first phase of the tournament consisted of two groups of five teams each with the first two teams proceeding to the semifinals. In the first group, Pieta and Paola Hibs placed first and second respectively whilst, in the second group, it was Athlone Scholars and Mosta to proceed to the semifinals. In the first semifinal, Mosta beat Pieta whilst Hibs won against Athlone after a penalty shootout in the second semifinal. 

The final between Mosta and Paola Hibs was a tense and balanced match which ended 1-1. Paola Hibs claimed the prestigious Tony Bajada Challenge Cup following a penalty shoot-out. Paola Hibs also won the Top-Scoring Award whilst Athlone Scholars won the Fair Play Award in the 1999 category. Hamrun Mayor Mr Vince Bonello and Youth FA representative Mr Francis Zammit attended the final. 

Pieta, Naxxar and Hamrun Spartans won the 2001, 2003 and 2007 Fair Play Awards respectively. No winners were declared in these three categories in accordance with Youth FA guidelines. Mementos and products from the tournament sponsors were instead presented to all the participants.

During the trophy presentation, Hamrun nursery secretary Noel Debattista thanked all the participating teams, the Bajada family, Hamrun Spartans FC Executive Committee, Hamrun Sports Complex plc, The Youth FA, the Amateur, Youth and Grassroots Committee and the sponsors of the event for their support.

The mayor of Hamrun, Mr Vince Bonello presented the trophies, medals and mementos to the participants.

As part of the events held in remembrance of Tony Bajada (the Hamrun Nursery founder), the Hamrun Nursery is now also organising a number of friendlies against two English teams - RedhouseFarm JFC and teams from Licensed Victuallers (Ascot).

These friendlies will involve the Under 17, the Under 14, the Under 13 and the Under 12 categories. RedhouseFarm JFC will be playing the Under 17s whilst the teams from Ascot will be playing against the Hamrun Spartans Under 14, Under 13 and Under 12 teams.

Day Seven, the Final Day update 5...

The final between Mosta and Paola Hibs was a tense and balanced match ending 1-1. Hibs claimed the prestigious Tony Bajada Challenge Cup following a penalty shoot-out. Athlone won the Fair Play Award whilst Hibs won the top-scoring team award. 

Hamrun mayor Mr Vince Bonello presented the Trophy to the winners after the match. 

In the match for 5th and 6th place, Sliema won against Hamrun 2-0.

Day Seven, the Final Day update 4 ...

Athlone Saints finished 7th place after beating Birkirkara 2-1. Athlone came from behind after Birkirkara went ahead in the first half. Sliema W. and Hamrun Spartans will play for the 5th and 6th place in the next game on schedule.

Day Seven, the Final Day update 3 ...

San Gwann beat Valletta 4-1 to place 9th ahead of Valletta in 10th place. 7th and 8th place tussle between Athlone Saints and Birkirkara just kicked off. 

Day Seven, the Final Day update 2 ...

Paola Hibs will be crossing swords against Mosta in this afternoon's Final after their semi final against Athone Scholars had to be decided on the penalty shoot out. The Irish team were trailing 0-2 five minutes from time but two dramatic goals in two minutes leveled matters. The Final kicks off at 4:30pm.

The placing game for 9th and 10th place kicked kicked of between Valletta and San Gwann. 

Day Seven, the Final Day update 1 ...

Mosta will contest their second consecutive Final of the Tournament after beating Pieta H. 2-1. In a balanced encounter Mosta opened a 2-0 lead before Pieta got one back. The second Semi Final between Athlone Scholars and Paola Hibs is underway,.

Day Seven, the Final Day ...

The first of two semi finals between Pieta H. and Mosta kicked off today Wednesday 3 April 2013 at 9:00am. HT (0-0)

Day Six Update

The Group stage of the 1999 Category Tournament came to an end earlier this afternoon. Pieta Hotspurs and Paola Hibs placed first and second respectively in Group A to contest the semi finals tomorrow morning. Pieta H. will face Group B runners up Mosta while Paola H. will play Irish side Athlone Scholars. These semi finals will be followed by three placing fixtures as follows:

9th & 10th place: Valletta vs San Gwann

7th & 8th Place: Athone Saints vs Birkirkara

5th & 6th Place: Sliema W. vs Hamrun Sp.

The Tournament  will come to an end after the final which will be contested between the winners of the semi finals. Presentation of gifts and awards will be presented by the Hamrun Mayor after the final.

Day Six ....

The 2001 category came to an end with the last two matches. Pieta played Melita in the first game of the day while St. Andrews faced Hamrun Spartans.

Day Five Update 2 ....

Paola Hibs beat Sliema W. 3-1 to share first place in group A with Pieta H. Paola will now have to wait a big match for tomorrow between Pieta H and Sliema. The last game was between Pieta H and Athlone Saints with Pieta winning 3-0.

Day Five Update 1 ....

1999 Category kicks off with Athlone Scholars facing Mosta.   Athlone Scholars are currently leaders in this category with a total of 6 points.

Day Five ...

Day 5 kicks off with 2001 Category with Pieta H. facing St. Andrews.  The second game in this Category is Paola Hibs vs Floriana.

Easter Sunday ...

Happy Easter to all participants and their families! Today Easter Sunday is a rest day for Tony Bajada Memorial Tournament. Games will resume tomorrow morning with 2001 Category.

Day Four Update 5 ...

Pieta H. made it two out of two when they won against Valletta 6-0. Pieta found no difficulty to beat Valletta who from their side they were losing their third defeat. 

In the last match of the day, Mosta, playing their first game of the Tournament, scored a heavy defeat at the expense of Birkirkara in a 6-1 win. The tournament will have a short break tomorrow Easter Sunday and will resume on Monday with five matches, two from the 2001 Category and three from the 1999 Category.

Day Four Update 4 ...

Paola Hibs won with a solitary goal against Athlone Saints in a balanced match.  Athlone Saints were unlucky to finish the game empty handed as they gave their heart throughout.  The fourth game in this category kicks off with Valletta vs Pieta H. 

Day Four Update 3 ...

A goal in added minutes gave Athlone Scholars a dramatic win over hosts Hamrun Spartans to secure another important three points.  In a balanced encounter both teams showed they were well prepared.  The third game in this category kicks off with Athlone Saints facing Paola Hibs.

Day Four Update 2...

Birkirkara register their first win after beating San Gwann 3-0.  Birkirkara were the better team throughout the game.  Hamrun S. vs Athlone Scholars kicks off for the second game in this category.

Day Four Update ...

The 1999 category kicks off for the day with San Gwann facing Birkirkara.  Both teams are in search for their first win of this tournament since they both lost their first respective games.  

Day Four ....

Four matches from the 2001 Category were played this morning. Paola H. faced host Hamrun Spartans in the first game with Floriana and Pieta H. playing the second game. The third game saw Paola H. playing their second game of the day facing Melita.  The matches of 2001 came to an end with the last match being Hamrun S. vs Floriana.  

Day Three......

Three matches from the 1999 Category were played. In the first game Hamrun had the better of San Gwann as they won 6-0. The second game Pieta H. faced Paola H. In a more balanced match the result could have went on both ends but it was Pieta who emerged winners with a 2-1 win. The third and final game of the day saw Valletta against Sliema W.

Day two updates.....

The day opened with four games from the 2001 Category. Floriana vs Melita, Paola H. vs St.Andrews, Hamrun Spartans vs Pieta H. and St. Andrews vs Melita. In the afternoon the first games of the 1999 Category were played. 

In the first game Paola Hibs won against Valletta 7-3. The next game featured the Irish teams of ADSL Athlone where the Saints lost to Sliema W. 4-0 while the Scholars had the better of Birkikara with a 3-1.

Tomorrow Friday three more games will be played in the morning with Hamrun Spartans vs San Gwann, Pieta H. vs Paola Hibs, and Valletta vs Sliema W. 

Day one update 2.....

The first day ended up with the third Category of the event for those born in 2001. Although still at the age of 12 years they played on the full size pitch of the Victor Tedesco Stadium. In the first game St. Andrews played against Floriana, The second game Melita face host Hamrun Spartans. The third game Pieta H. faced Paola Hibs. This Category will continue this morning with four matches.

Athlone arrives in Malta....

This afternoon ADSL Athlone arrived in Malta in preparation for today's first games. A group of over 50 persons including players, officials and parents were settled in their Hotel who immediately after they had their first training session in Pembroke. ADSL Athlone will have their first games today at 3:00pm and 4:15pm, ADSL Athlone Saints and ADSL Athlone Scholars. there will be live updates during the event.

Day one update.....

Four teams from the 2007 Category played each other in fun games were the children enjoyed the morning playing three games each.

Five teams took part in the 2003 Category. Although no scores or winners are declared in this Category, one could notice the very good level and talent of these boys giving those present an enjoyable morning.

2013 Event kicks off....

The 2013 International edition of Tony Bajada Memorial kicked off yesterday (27 March 2013) at the Victor Tedseco Stadium with three categories, 2007, 2003 and 2001. In this year's edition 14 Nurseries are taking part, including last year's winners ADSL Athlone of Ireland. Athlone will be competing with two teams, Scholars and Saints.