Tony Bajada Memorial International Football Tournament

The Organisers

The Venue

The venue of this Festival – the Victor Tedesco Stadium – gives added prestige to the event as the young players are given the unique opportunity to play in a stadium where top level football is played. The Hamrun Nursery is one of only two local football nurseries which organises football festivals at a stadium where Maltese Premier League football is played.

Tony Bajada Memorial

The Tony Bajada Memorial has been organised on annual basis during the Easter holidays since 2002. The tournament is dedicated to the late Tony Bajada, founder of Hamrun Spartans FC Youth Nursery in 1987.

The Tony Bajada Memorial is probably the most popular youth football festival organised by a football nursery in Malta. This festival is an annual fixture for the top Maltese football nurseries and is fully booked in a matter of a few days as local football nurseries recognise the excellent organisation and the good level of the festival. The fact that this is the only Maltese website dedicated to a football festival provides further proof of the excellent organisation. 

Hamrun  Spartans  FC  Youth  Nursery  Founder  - Tony Bajada (1940-2001)

Throughout the years, the festival has also attracted the interest of a number of international teams. For more information on international participation, please click here. 

The Tony Bajada Challenge Cup is presented to the winner of the Under 14 Category. In accordance with Youth FA regulations, no winner will be declared in the other categories. Each participating player (in all the other categories) will be presented with a memento at the end of the festival. All festivals are organised with the permission of the MFA Grassroots Committee.

Tournament Format

The following are the age categories and tournament days of the Tony Bajada Memorial:

Age Category Tournament Days
Under 6 Played over one/two days, any day of the week
Under 8 Wednesday* - Thursday
Under 10 Wednesday* - Thursday
Under 12 Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Monday
Under 14 Saturday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday**

* first week

** second week 

The maximum number of teams in the Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12 category is 6 whilst the maximum number of teams in the Under 14 category is 8 (minimum is 6). The tournament for the Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12 is held on a league basis whilst that for the Under 14 is held either on a league basis (when held for 6 teams) or on a league and knockout basis (when held for 8 teams).

In order to facilitate flights, a foreign team may request to play the Under 14 tournament between Monday and Wednesday (of the second week) only and avoid playing on Saturday. This option is available only to the first foreign team to request such an option.

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Hamrun Spartans FC Youth Nursery and Hamrun Local Council would like to thank the tournament sponsors Liquigas Malta Ltd, Farsons plc, the Bajada family, Hamrun Spartans FC Executive Committee, Hamrun Sports Complex plc, The Youth FA and the Amateur, Youth and Grassroots Committee.