Tony Bajada Memorial International Football Tournament

Foreign Teams

Throughout the years, Tony Bajada Memorial has attracted the interest of a number of international football teams and academies. Feedback from their officials has always been positive. Below is a list of foreign teams which will be participating or have participated in this event.


2016 Edition

Educoach College (England) - Under 18 age category


Redhouse Farm Seville (Newcastle, England) - Under 18 age category


2015 Edition

Athlone ADSL (Athlone, Ireland) - Under 14 (born 2001) age category (two teams), Scholars & Saints



2014 Edition

Unione Triestina (Trieste, Italy) - Under 14 (born 2000) age category


Junior Calcio Lavello (Basilicata, Italy) - Under 10 (born 2004) age category


2013 Edition

Athlone ADSL (Athlone, Ireland) - Under 14 (born 1999) age category (two teams) 

2012 Edition

Athlone ADSL (Athlone, Ireland) - Under 14 (born 1998) age category

2011 Edition

Scuola Calcio US Triestina (Trieste, Italy) - Under 14 (born 1997) age category

2006 Edition

Botev Plovdiv (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) - Under 14 (born 1992) age category